Vision & Mission

En Vision ed Future “More genius per genius”

To be recognized as the #1 engineering institution regionally and nationally, by all stakeholders, including employers, faculty and society.

Core Mission Question – How Can We Maximize Learners Transformation in 10440 Hours?

  • We are co-responsible for producing remarkable behavioral traits such as deep inquiry (self-generated questions, curiosity, and research),
  • An Intrinsic desire for uncomfortable struggle (for employable skills, specific interests, big ideas ) and
  • An inclusive mindset (real-world projects, collaborations, compassion)


To impart the competent knowledge on industrial embedded education with ethical values to promote the global industrial need and society as well.


  • MD1: To confer skill based learning to maximize learner transformation.
  • MD2: To nurture creative and critical thinking and to apply knowledge on electronics to solve the industry collaborative problems.
  • MD3: To produce excellent engineers with ethical values and communication skills in order to serve the society.